Monday begins on Saturday

Imagine loving your work so much that Sunday was an unbearable gap in its pursuit. That any time spent away from work was a terrible bore, and that you often found yourself sneaking back to work despite explicit instructions to the contrary. This was the Soviet dream. I don’t know if this dream stayed confined … Continue reading Monday begins on Saturday

The Master and Margarita

Ever since I visited Uzbekistan early last year, I have been coming back to Russia and the Soviet era repeatedly. The wistful, almost nostalgic stories from the people I met there, those who had been young in an energetic, idealistic union, have stayed with me like a gossamer thread. So when I read Mikhail Bulgakov's … Continue reading The Master and Margarita

Secondhand Time: The last of the Soviets

“We share a communist collective memory. We’re neighbors in memory.”  Earlier this year, before the world was halted by a virus, I visited Uzbekistan. This Central Asian country was part of Soviet Union till 1991, the final year in which the Union dissolved. It was an interesting place for many reasons, but for me what … Continue reading Secondhand Time: The last of the Soviets