Playing up..

I have been wanting to see a play for a long time, but have been putting it off for the sake of eternal laziness – its just too easy to go to a swanky mall and combine a weekly shopping expedition with a movie that is conviniently scheduled. But today, thanks to a chill (and thus boring) day at work and constant insistence of a friend, I finally ended up visiting the famous “Prithvi” theatre to catch an interestingly named play called “The open couple”, which quite lived up to its name and managed to both completely engross and entertain the audience.
The whole experience was very artsy – the place was full of people who are the complete anathema of boring engineers who dress in dull unamusing clothes fashioned after the stereotyped western executive . These guys(and lets call them the theatre gang or TGs for future reference) on the other hand, were more relaxed and at ease with their consciously unstyled indian attire, sported with draggy chappals and long unkepmt hair tossed in for effect. At the artsy cafe (which by the way is very cute) designed to match the TG style and make them look more at home in the “ped ki chhaon mein” seating style, the patrons discussed even their shopping bills with the ardent passion that engineers reserve for a highly dramatic quantitative puzzle. Even the waitors at the cafe are trained to cater to a highly developed clientelle, and reserve the right to distribute menus based on how much time is left for yr show.
Well, after a small stint at the cafe, we walked into a nice, homey theatre with a very limited seating capacity. It was so different from all the other huge theatres I have seen before, that it looked immediately inviting – it was smaller even than the classrooms in hell.
The play itself was brilliant – especially the lead actress. It was a theme that Kundera would have loved, but while he would have made it a heavy writing full of every character’s endless introspection- the two actors made it a hillarious satire. They moved between engaging conversation, flashbacks and the current story in an almost seamless fashion.
All in all it was good fun – it is refreshing to be amongst the TGs for a while, especially after an ongoing dose of the engineer class – or MBAs who are even more predictible and monotonous. Will look forward to more evenings of plays now…

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