Clamping them down

So finally the big brother has come to this country as well, clamping down on voices that dared to defy its authority or question its administration. That is perhaps a pointer that we have come of age, for didn’t Mr. Orwell conceptualize this state of affairs as an order of future? Where every voice is synchronized to speak one language and issue a unilateral opinion, and every time you want to express your views, you have to get them whetted against the overseer’s appetite.
So, even though running a little bit risk of annoying the big brother and having this forum taken away from me -I simply can’t keep myself from expressing the questions that form in mind everytime I read of the Chinese virtual dictatorship or a 1984. Why? Why does anyone bother with the threat of the voice? Who believes in the mightier pen anyway. That is a dated fantasy of those who write – wasn’t it put down by the writer in the first place? The trouble with the pen is that it can easily be erased, or worst still – ignored. Then why does anyone have to take the pains of blocking something that can be ignored. The only purpose the blocking will really serve is perhaps intrigue people and draw attention to a word that could have been lost in anonimity.
And why our country? Haven’t we sold ourself on the USP of largest democracy in every forum? Ofcourse one expects democracy to be the most widely played joke in this world, yet the least bit of pretense in the form of “freedom of the press” has been maintained in most democracies. That is perhaps the only thin line marking democracy from authoritarianism. Are we ready to cross that wee-bit of line for no objective?
May be a little unrelated – sometimes I do think that perhaps authoritarianism is what we need as a nation. For a thousand voices with selfish short term interests can take the country nowhere. You need a voice to command and lead it in a direction. But ironically, we continue to be led with the multitude of these voices, and merely are bound to follow the loudest volume. Isn’t it a better fate to be led by a single maverick rather than a bunch of jokers running in different directions, if being led is what is in store for us?

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