Bergman & Allen

I cannot believe that Woody Allen is a fan of Ingmar Bergman or is influenced by him in any way. Whereas you hardly hear the spoken word in Bergman’s movies, talking and words are all that Allen uses in his films. Its like he cannot stop talking.
Strange influence this is!

3 thoughts on “Bergman & Allen

  1. Yes, it seems a weird influence!First of all, Woody is a die hard admirer of Bergman and his craft. Though their brands of movies are very different, both are obsessed with death, religion (and its meaning or uselessness), life, conflicting human relationships etc. Bergman chooses to glorify the human pains, whereas Woody makes fun of it!If you want to see how Woody is influenced by Bergman,1) Watch Interiors – personally I did not like it, but Woody has directed it in a very Bergman-ish way.2) Watch Love & Death – I love it. Its a satirical humor set in Russia, that makes fun of intellectuals (and even Bergman’s Persona!)3) In Manhattan (Woody’s best – along with Annie Hall) he is an avid Bergman fan, who hates Diane after their first meeting, because she happens to criticize his idol!I am talking non stop like Woody. Enough said!


  2. Oh yes, I have seen Manhattan and Allen’s instant dislike of Dianne. It is funny to watch Allen in that movie – it almost seems that he has no opinion of his own!


  3. I now understand Woody Allen's Bergman effect. Well, I don't understand the effect as such…but I can relate now.

    I just began reading August Strindberg's play “The Father”. Strindberg, as you may be knowing, had a strong influence on Bergman.

    As I read through the play, I was so reminded of Woody Allen's style of dialogues…Woody Allen perhaps is influenced by the Strindberg influence of Bergman 🙂


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