Conservationist by Gordimer

When you write from a divided home, it is inevitable that the divide manifests itself in your writing. Writers from South Africa, I suppose, therefore feel compelled to return to apartheid in some form- either in Coetzee's Disgrace or in Gordimer's 'The Conservationist'.In fact, Conservationist did remind me terribly of the other. The white man … Continue reading Conservationist by Gordimer

The brand new chamions of the brand new cup!

Wham! Booms! That's all you can hear in the Indian sky today. Everyone is busy celebrating. Yes, they have brought it home. After beatings, brickbats and a write-off by almost everyone. A world cup finally after 24 years! Not the same cup, a new one, but not any less important. The only small thing about … Continue reading The brand new chamions of the brand new cup!

Shortlist for the Man Booker & Book Sales

The shortlist for Man Booker is out. The six books in the list are: “Darkmans,” by Nicola Barker“The Gathering,” by Anne Enright“The Reluctant Fundamentalist,” by Mohsin Hamid“Mister Pip,” by Lloyd Jones“On Chesil Beach,” by Ian McEwan“Animal’s People,” by Indra Sinha Unfortunately, I have not read any of this to circle out a favorite and bet … Continue reading Shortlist for the Man Booker & Book Sales

Memories & objective reality

There are many adjectives that can be used to describe different memories -happy, haunting, scary, embarassing, distinct, elusive, sad and sometimes even perplexing. But perhaps one adjective that can be used more universally with memories is 'interesting'. No matter which end of what spectrum does a memory fall, it is seldom dull and uninteresting. That … Continue reading Memories & objective reality