Shortlist for the Man Booker & Book Sales

The shortlist for Man Booker is out. The six books in the list are:

“Darkmans,” by Nicola Barker

“The Gathering,” by Anne Enright

“The Reluctant Fundamentalist,” by Mohsin Hamid

“Mister Pip,” by Lloyd Jones

“On Chesil Beach,” by Ian McEwan

“Animal’s People,” by Indra Sinha

Unfortunately, I have not read any of this to circle out a favorite and bet on it. The betting odds are in favor of McEwan and it is not surprising considering his popularity in general.
It is encouraging to see yet another Indian on the list – specially one who is not completely an NRI, since he has spent a lot of his life in India. There are hardly any noted Indian English writers who are not NRIs.
Along with Mr. Sinha, there is also Mohsin Hamid, a Pakistani writer whose book outlines the suspicions faced by Muslims post 9/11 – a topic which has been much discussed on many forums. But I want to pick up Mr. Llyod’s book sometime and see what he has done with Dickens’ ‘Pip’ – but I suppose I have too many unread books on my shelf right now to even think of the new ones.

To talk of new books, this seems to be a lucrative season for Bibliomaniacs like me – Landmark has begun its annual sale, and Crossword is on sale too. I never thought much of the latter’s collection, but the sale selection of Landmark too was extremely disappointing this year. While last year I managed to pick up some great authors like Oe & Saramago, this time it is a complete washout – and I picked up only three decent deals – a book by Bergman (I am really looking forward to reading that,because I have always thought his movies would make better books), ‘The Impressionist’ by Hari Kunzru and ‘On the Waterfront‘ – a collection of articles by Malcolm Jhonson. I also got a chance to indulge in a Coffee table-ish book on movies – 501 must watch movies – and I am on the list with a dedication 🙂
I suppose I will have to wait till Strands goes on its Book festival to get my hands on more deals.

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