The mega project

I have finally undertaken that mammoth project – of reading Ulysses! I think I must have promised myself this read years ago when I saw this book top the Modern library critics list of 100 best novels – but something (or someone) always prevented me from doing the same. I think it was partly laziness, and largely apprehension. Now that I am on to the project I can figure that the apprehension was not misplaced. In the last ten days, I have progressed to only 100 pages and there are 700 more to go. I have read and re-read pages and lines and get rapidly lost if the internet is not at close disposal for reference. Wikipedia has been a terrific help, with its entry on the novel and additional terms that keep cropping up during the reading.

To be frank, I have not been able to appreciate the book too much yet – it is slow and it is complicated. It keeps getting into the labyrinths of the minds of the characters – and honestly, the labyrinths are messy and unclear (well at least to my eye). The similitude with Odyssey (which I have not read but am familiar with on a summary level) is remarkable and the symbolism is interesting. Hopefully I will soon turn the last page on the book and not give up on it midway.

3 thoughts on “The mega project

  1. Oh yes – critics always back up the most painful things – something they are sure people will find too tedious to read and question their judgment.Nice to see you on Blogger – where are you these days?


  2. At the age of 18, I read 42 pages and gave up. At the age of 30, I made to page 100 by reading the book on one window and looking up meanings and connections on another.

    Wild horses are to be deployed if I am to read any more of this book.


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