On Thanksgiving

Yes, I am not a Christian, neither of the western world, but on the day when so many people are offering an appreciation for their blessings, I can join them in appreciating a few things that make me happy:

  • A walk with my headphones on my ears and my ipod in my pocket, as the breeze makes my hair fly
  • The pure joy and richness of written word
  • To sit by the window and look down 16 floors at the the vehicles rushing by
  • To reach home every evening and close the door on office
  • To experiment with movies on the handsome looking LCD screen
  • My small library
  • The ability to criticize everything and everyone
  • To have a set of friends who never say no to a trip or to an evening of fun
  • Good Wine
  • To work with people who can have a good laugh
  • Living with the perfect person
  • The mountains and the beaches

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