MMM: Manic Monday Morning

Yes, its the morning of that horrible day of the week that-should-not-be-named, and of course the blues are on in full swing. I remember them creeping in on the previous evening. Here I was, laughing one moment at the incessant banter of Jab we met’s Kareena Kapoor, and then, in the next moment was tinted with blue as I got reminded of the coming morning. Nothing like a Monday morning to mar the last shreds of the happy weekend.

So here we are in that dreaded day, and I have decided to make the day even worse by waking up early. After all my sinning on the weekend, I feel guilty enough to punish myself a bit and push myself to take an early morning walk. Such guilt pangs hit me every weekend, especially when that delightful Ducth Truffle is going down my throat and when the waiter is clearing away the remnants of a happy meal. At such moments I can really appreciate the true meaning of Gibran’s words when he says:

Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.
And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears.

Except that in this case, things turn on their heads and the well of laughters leads up to the tears 😦
As I step out for that walk, I am pleasantly surprised by the cool in the air. Bombay must be getting a touch of the winters. For once I am prepared to like this city, but I don’t suppose the city is yet ready to see me as the friend. For, only two rounds later its back with its signature warmth and by the time I am ready to go back in, the heat is on!

I go back up, looking forward to the day’s gossip on Bombay Times, with one or two horrifying items from the Mumbai Mirror. Unfortunately the newspaper boy displays a superlative efficiency and decides to skip the locked house. It is miraculous that a fellow who always miscalculates a simple bill and in 8 months has not understood that I need a different paper than the one he is giving me, is smart enough to realize that if my door is locked, it means that I have already read the weather report and therefore will not need the newspaper for the day!

Not knowing what to do with the extra time on my hand, I switch on the TV. Since this is one device I use very rarely, more so for watching news, I have to spend considerable time finding a ‘good’ news channel. After a long hunt, I find none and settle down with the lesser yellow ones. Most of these channels, like the newspaper boy, think that news is all about weather and I see temperatures everywhere – either in tickers, or on the fancy maps of the country. I seethe when I look at the 14-15 degrees in Delhi and Jaipur and cry over my lost days spent in these places (Yes Monday makes you more melodramatic! and emotional).

Finally, sometime later I give up on news and switch to music. The blue of my mood is deepening all this while as the time to go to office approaches and Channel V sympathizes with me completely by playing more blues. I would suggest that they rename the program from Goodmorning V to V love Himesh, so at least I know what to expect.

Finally, I approached the moment of truth, and on my way met too many people running towards their truths. Somehow on Mondays Mumbai people get increasingly eager to reach office and it is heartening to see the overwhelming crowd on the road, clearly expressing their delight over the impending reunion with their offices by honking incessantly. Don’t we all just love our work?!

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