Review of Diary of a Bad year

New York Sun has published a good review of Coetzee’s latest work: Diary of a Bad Year. I have been wanting to pick up this book, but the two reasons that keep me from doing that are: 1) the backlog that already adorns my shelf (Argh!) and 2) the fact that the book is still only available in a hard cover and I am waiting for a paper back edition. (Yes, as they say no sense is stronger than economic sense!)
As for the review, I really liked what Marco Roth says about Coetzee’s writing:

He has never really written baggy novels or created self-standing worlds. Early works — “The Vietnam Project” (1974), “Waiting for the Barbarians” (1980), “Foe” (1986) — required readers who could check off their own internal references to the Pentagon Papers, structural anthropology, Kafka, C.P. Cavafy, and Robinson Crusoe, and who also knew something of life in apartheid South Africa

And, this statement about Elizabeth Costello (so unbelievably true..)

“Elizabeth Costello” (2003), a novel that can only be called a novel in the sense that Plato’s dialogues are plays.

Looking forward to getting to this book in the near future. I am getting a feeling that I am always running after this pile which keeps growing higher and higher!

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