Another year begins…

Its impossible to not feel positive on the first day of a new year. Everything seems full of promise, the canvas looks white and bright. You can simply wipe off the mess of the last year and start anew – even if it is mostly re-patching all the resolutions you made last year and began breaking a little on the same day as well.

Last year was a good year. I enjoyed the kind of life I made for myself in tid-bits. In movies, in books, in walks, long evenings with friends, in making fun of the office oddities, in the few trips taken. I hope I can continue the same in the next year and more years to come.

Last year was an year of movies – I have never watched so many movies in my life before – I think the main reason was living with a person who thrives on movies , even if the tastes differ. I experimented with foreign movies, mainly Italian and with film-noir, and really enjoyed the experience. I think one of my favorites of the year was the German movie The lives of others. I liked the adaptation of Kundera’s novel Unbearable lightness of being, and also loved the Italian film La Notte.

On my reading I have said enough. That is a long standing passion and I am glad that this year stoked it sufficiently well.

The year saw me making far fewer trips than I would like to do. I loved Maldives, of course. That is just the place to go if you want to pamper yourself. I loved the Himachal trip for its vibrancy, and of course I loved going to Goa again. I don’t think I will ever tire of that sleepy siesta town. I want to travel more extensively in this year – may be 2008 will offer me another chance of back-packing in some foreign land, struggling with the language and enjoying the effects those endeavors have.
This year, the theater hardly charmed me at all. Plays were ordinary, even though I saw Nasiruddin Shah on stage for the first time. He was of course good, but the play didn’t live up to it.
That sums up the bloggable part of my life in 2007. I loved every moment of it. (No, of course I didn’t mean it – if I loved everything, I wouldn’t be me. I crib, therefore I am!)

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