Sometime back I found the Ek-Anek video from Doordarshan onYou-tube, and realized how much of a craze it had suddenly become. Somehow it had become a catalyst for all memories surrounding Doordarshan and its programs; memories which are shared by all people who were children when Ek-anek used to be interrupting their favorite programs. May … Continue reading Doordarshan

L’eclisse (Last of the Alienation Trilogy)

I finally finished watching yesterday Antonioni's trilogy on Alienation, which I had begun a few months ago with La Notte, by watching the culmination L'eclisse. I liked this last movie quite a lot, though a little less than the powerful La Notte, but more than the first part of the trilogy: L'avventura.The movie tells the … Continue reading L’eclisse (Last of the Alienation Trilogy)

Still Alive: A Holocaust girlhood remembered

Difficult times are often swept under the carpet. The natural course is to run away from them, almost negating and denying the memory. Most tragic events are narrated not by people who suffered them, but those who heard/read/researched about them, sometimes being born in the same century being their only claim to that narration. Perhaps … Continue reading Still Alive: A Holocaust girlhood remembered