Beware of Pity

After reading Zweig's 'Beware of Pity' recently, I came upon a less than generous review of the story in Time' of those puddle-depth stories that, draining themselves with a sort of literary eye dropper, pretend to contain oceans of ideas. The tedious technique might seem justified if it conveyed vivid people, or even lively situations. … Continue reading Beware of Pity


Persepolis: I rarely find good movies on flights, but found this one on the Thai airlines in-flight entertainment system quite accidentally. It is an autobiographical, French animation movie. Written by Marjane Satrapi, who grew up in Iran during the period of Islamic revolution, it is a story of these years and of her later life … Continue reading Persepolis


It is almost impossible to disentangle one-self from memories. It always begins at 'In the old times...' and forever, one just keeps hanging around near the past. It does not matter then whether the past was beautiful or sad, or whether we even had something there. It is a mad affinity, which just keeps you … Continue reading 2046