Persepolis: I rarely find good movies on flights, but found this one on the Thai airlines in-flight entertainment system quite accidentally. It is an autobiographical, French animation movie. Written by Marjane Satrapi, who grew up in Iran during the period of Islamic revolution, it is a story of these years and of her later life in Vienna. Adapted from Satrapi’s graphic novel, it is a very simple animation, and quite adorable. Without getting sentimental, it explores the life around the little girl and captures her growing up pretty well with her small rebellions against the fundamentalist rule.

4 thoughts on “Persepolis

  1. I loved it too. It is definitely one of the finest animation films of recent times. I was writing a long post on it but it somehow has disappeared in the drafts… I loved its humour, the occasional pathos and the crash-course it gives in the modern Iranian history. I have not read the original graphic novel… somehow I find reading graphic novels tiresome.. with their strage typeface and unreadable design. I get impatient and think I would rather watch the movie than read a book with pictures.


  2. I don’t think I have read any graphic novels myself except in childhood. The compact movie version is often more appealing. I wanted to write a longer post too, but laziness got better of me.


  3. You guys really need to read the book! It’s excellent, excellent, excellent and while the movie *is* amazing – mostly because it is able to capture the moments in the book so well as with any book – movie comparison – the book is still better 🙂


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