Spanish Cinema

Just getting into it – what better way to begin then to sink into the exceptionally beautiful and poetic Spirit of the beehive. To question the evils of the world through the silent eyes of a very pretty child.

And then watch the very beautiful Penelope Cruz play again the Sophia from Vanilla Sky in Open your eyes. This was certainly a far better version than the English one, though I have to say I had loved the English one a lot as well.

7 thoughts on “Spanish Cinema

  1. I was obsessed with Spirit of the Beehive for quite some time when I first saw it. I saw it again and again until its images were imprinted on my brain! There is also another Spanish film Cria Cuervos, very similar to it and featuring Ana Torrent too. I had written about it < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here.<> It is also worth checking out.. in fact the political subtext of this film (end of Spanish civil war and life in the shadow of a traumatic past) will become much clearer when you compare it with Saura’s film. Then there is Pan’s Labyrinth too. del Toro in some of his interviews mentioned this film as one of his key influence too.Open Your Eyes is also a great film. And I agree the hollywood version is quite good too but Tom Cruise almost spoiled it for me… Amenabar’s ghost movie The Others with Nicole Kidman, which he made in English, is also fantastic.


  2. Yes, I have watched ‘The Others’ which is such a brilliant movie. That is what made me pick up Open your eyes. I have watched Pan’s labyrinth too – and watching Spirit of the beehive, I thought there were many parallels between the two – the merging of imagination with reality and the evils of a civil war experienced by a child. It seems the civil war really affected lives very deeply – something a piece of news or history cannot tell you the way Ana Torrent’s speaking eyes can!


  3. Yes and in this case it was even worse because the civil war was followed by a fascist dictatorship. They were not given a chance to mourn, that’s why the adult figures in the film are always so stunned, almost catatonic. Also reminds me of Freud’s essay Mourning and Melancholia in which he says that melancholia is the result of not being able to mourn which allows people to break off from the past and look to the future.The ending of Pan’s Labyrinth is also very bleak but it gets even bleaker when you think of the real political context. the victory of the rebels in the end was only temporary, they were ultimately defeated. Even the stray ones who managed to escape were captured and killed like the one shown in this film.


  4. Hi, 'open your eyes' is much better then vanilla sky. Talkin abt Spanish cinema.. There re many grt movies from tht part. for instance 'Mar adentro' aka 'The Sea Inside' starring Javier Bardem. its really vivid portrayal of life. & headin to Spanish Civil war, one shld see 'Land & Freedom' just to get a acute sense.


  5. Abhi, Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have watched very little of Spanish cinema yet – but have been very impressed with whaterver I have seen: Pan’s labyrinth, Mar Adentro, Spirit of the beehive, All about my mother… and all this has left me craving for more.


  6. A-ha, its good tht u dig 'world' cinema. i'm yet to see 'All about my mother' & 'Pan's Labyrinth' Though i already have their copies. I'll look for Spirit of the Beehive. These days i m more into Hongkong mafia flicks & some korean dramas. They re mostly melodramas, but they re sweet. u shld look for em too.


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