The Kreutzer Sonata: Penguin Great Love Series

The Penguin Great Love Series, as I have remarked earlier, is a brilliant collection, exploring some famous and intriguing writings on the subject of love. (My previous posts on books from the series can be found here, here and here.) I recently read another work from the collection: the controversial short novel from Tolstoy,The Kreutzer … Continue reading The Kreutzer Sonata: Penguin Great Love Series

The edge of Heaven (Faith Akin)

From the director of Head-on, this is another perceptive interplay of lives, emotions, generations and geographies. Threading together lives of six people, Faith Akin has created a beautiful, if a slightly morbid drama of relationships and penance. His characters are drawn together by diverse relations - filial, carnal, romantic and human, each a little strained.The … Continue reading The edge of Heaven (Faith Akin)