For days, perhaps months, the feeling of inadequacy and incompleteness is mounting inside me. There have been rare moments in my life when I have felt completely satisfied, but this dissatisfaction is becoming a burden too heavy to bear. For the first time, it has begun to flow into moments of minor joys.
What is it that is troubling me so much? What responsibilities am I failing in? I don’t like where I live or have stopped enjoying what I do…but, changing a job or shifting a house are just distractions, which are only increasing this sense of failure. The peace has to be my own, it will never be found in these details.

3 thoughts on “Angst

  1. Dear Madhuri,

    I am shocked….

    I could never expect that a person like you could be puzzled with such negligible issues. No one in this world is perfect and complete but yet I would very frankly admit, that you are one of the rarest personalities, I have ever known, who are capable to conquer any hurdle, no matter the circumstances are favourable or not.

    I am very much sure, you will enjoy each and every moment of your life. I am not a person, who could be said to be intellectual but yet I would like to dare to say that you must love your work and must do it with all your devotion to achieve the satisfaction….

    Wanna bet???
    You can't fail. Just have faith in your own.


  2. Delightful experience of life..reaching the threshold of new world of consciousness..debating within..if to do enter or not…and finally crept into to explore new meaning of life….wiping off false pride of giving away life to offer peace and embracing truth of seeking for peace to give away honoured meaning to life instead..

    I didn't know of your page apart from Wordsweave…and am furthermore pleased to learn that your love travelling as well photography…


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