The Last Samurai – Week 2

The Last Samurai is one book, which, even without clearly knowing what post-modernism is, I can call post-modern with some conviction. It has so many stylistic elements that could have never been found in traditional literature. The perspective changes in the middle of the book, there are many stories and anecdotes in the book, and … Continue reading The Last Samurai – Week 2

The Middle Passage

Naipaul's Middle Passage begins with the description of his ship journey to his birthplace- Trinidad. This was probably the first travelogue that Naipaul wrote, and perhaps that's why the book is written in the way of a typical travel account - a journey starts and then gets to the destination. Funny incidents, people, anecdotes line … Continue reading The Middle Passage

The Last Samurai @ Conversational Reading

At Conversational Reading, a rather interesting blog on World Literature, a second book read is happening. Their last book read was Javier Marias' famous trilogy'Your Face Tomorrow' - and it was this book read that prompted me to pick up the book myself. The current read is an interesting book by an American Author Helen … Continue reading The Last Samurai @ Conversational Reading

Between the devil and the deep Blue Sea

Sebald's On Natural History of Destruction is a collection of essays on German literature and its handling of World War II incidents. The four essays in this book are:Air War and Literature, based on lectures given in Zürich in 1997Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: On Alfred AnderschAgainst the Irreversible: On Jean AméryThe … Continue reading Between the devil and the deep Blue Sea