Your Face Tomorrow

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In both its parts that I have read till now, Your Face Tomorrow is a fascinating read. Each of these books are almost housed in single nights and in the disturbing, absorbing events of those nights. You are drawn to the mystery of the nature of Deza’s work, but the plot is least of the writer’s (and possibly the reader’s) concerns. Those single nights are described slowly, thoroughly, painstakingly. (5 minutes described in 90 pages)It is more a journey into Deza’s mind – how a drop of blood connects to another,how a hit against the walls takes him back to years before he was born, to the experiences of his father.
What I find so remarkable is Marias’ grasp on the whole. The connection between events, and even the two parts of the book is seamless. He does not mention something and forget about it as he moves to the next story. He may be wandering to different places in his narrative, but he comes back – making even those wanderings focused.
Of course there were moments when his digressions test your patience. At least mine was tested a few times during the book when it simply refused to move forward, circling in the same ridiculous events, in the ugliness of Rafita or the vanity of Mrs. Manoia. During those times, carrying on seemed difficult, but that passed.
This second book is much darker than the first, and thus also more riveting. There are many teasers – Perez Nuix’s request and what it means, the possibility of Rafita’s death, and it all makes the thought of the next book more delightful.

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