My library of shorts

Short stories

I am a lover of short stories, and I constantly keep my hunt on for them. I enjoy them most in their online form – mostly because I can easily return to these versions.So here is what I think I will do in this post. I will list down all the short stories I find online and slowly build up a collection. I will try to rate them as per my own interest, and if possible, review some. But mostly, I will just curate the ones I like. I will pin this post and keep adding to it as I go.

Even if one reader stumbles on one beautiful story from this page, it will be worth my time.

Aira, Cesar
Picasso: Do you want to be Picasso or do you want to have a Picasso

Borges, Jorge Louis
Garden of Forking Paths: When all choices happen simultaneously and take on their own lives
The library of Babel: A library which contains all possible books of 410 pages
Funes, his memory:A man who remembers everything
The Book of Sand: My ever-favourite story where Borges creates a disturbing image of holding infinity. This story has recently been narrated and discussed by Mohsin Hamid on New Yorker fiction and his interpretation and understand is astonishing.

Bukowski Charles
Aftermath of a lengthy rejection slip: The aspirations arising out of a rejection slip

Cheever John
The Swimmer: Darkness of American suburbs

Gordimer, Nadine
Loot A search of lost things after a disaster
Second Sense

Hofmannsthal, Hugo Von
The Letter of Lord Chandon A crisis of language

Joyce James
An Encounter Two boys set out to encounter Dublin

Lem, Stanislaw
The Star Diaries, 7th Voyage The perplexity of finding multiple you and get them to fix the rudder. This one in an audio version

Marquez Gabriel Garcia
A very old man with enormous wings A tale of magic realism so characteristic of Marquez

Munro Alice
19 stories A selection of many stories from Munro (I haven’t read all of them yet)

Murakami Haruki
The folklore of our times A coming-of-age story in 1960 Japan

Salter James
Last Night A depiction of an evening which plays between anticipation and surprises

Zambra Alejandro
Reading Comprehension: Text No. 1 A strange exercise – I put this here only because I really like Zambra’s work in general

Thank you This story carries the usual tone of Zambra which I dig – it feels like talking to someone about something that happened to them two nights ago. The tale itself leaves you slightly jarred.

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