This way for the gas, Ladies and Gentlemen

I am sometimes embarassed of my interest in holocaust literature. There is something morbid about wanting to read the tales of death chambers, of cattle cars, of people being pulled out of their homes in middle of the night. And yet, it is such a bizarre side of reality - something so humongous and beyond … Continue reading This way for the gas, Ladies and Gentlemen

Eichmann in Jerusalem

I am glad that online bookstores have finally found their way to India. Despite the numerous instances of canceled orders or 'Out of stock' messages that you encounter when dealing with them, they do offer you a chance to get your hands on a few books that remain elusive. Eichmann in Jerusalem was one of … Continue reading Eichmann in Jerusalem

Still Alive: A Holocaust girlhood remembered

Difficult times are often swept under the carpet. The natural course is to run away from them, almost negating and denying the memory. Most tragic events are narrated not by people who suffered them, but those who heard/read/researched about them, sometimes being born in the same century being their only claim to that narration. Perhaps … Continue reading Still Alive: A Holocaust girlhood remembered