Reborn: Susan Sontag early notebooks

I began this year with reading Susan Sontag’s notes of her early life (Age 14-30). 2020 has just started and this already feels like the most influential book I am going to read this year. Primarily because it has made me want to write more, to note down more thoughts, to distil. Susan says writing … Continue reading Reborn: Susan Sontag early notebooks

Shifting Sands

Traveling through the primal lands of Western Australia where I didn't expect to find much except desolation, I strangely came upon a site which linked directly to the title of this blog. The Shifting Sands themselves - in a pristine white, so soft to the touch. Their charm was enhanced against the backdrop of a … Continue reading Shifting Sands


It is almost impossible to disentangle one-self from memories. It always begins at 'In the old times...' and forever, one just keeps hanging around near the past. It does not matter then whether the past was beautiful or sad, or whether we even had something there. It is a mad affinity, which just keeps you … Continue reading 2046


Sometime back I found the Ek-Anek video from Doordarshan onYou-tube, and realized how much of a craze it had suddenly become. Somehow it had become a catalyst for all memories surrounding Doordarshan and its programs; memories which are shared by all people who were children when Ek-anek used to be interrupting their favorite programs. May … Continue reading Doordarshan