Secrets & Lies

In the last few days, have spent a lot of time watching movies - on my TV screen, on the laptop, and even smaller versions - on the minuscule video screens in the flights. Some of them have been quite rewarding - most specifically Mike Leigh's Secrets & Lies. It was almost a delight to … Continue reading Secrets & Lies

Confused: Breaking the Waves

It is confounding to feel touched by and be utterly disgusted with the same person. Perhaps so much innocence is bound to be abominable. It is also confusing to watch a movie which resounds with a surreal beauty and horrifies with its bleakness. The only thing which seemed to make any non-confusing sense was Bess' … Continue reading Confused: Breaking the Waves


It is almost impossible to disentangle one-self from memories. It always begins at 'In the old times...' and forever, one just keeps hanging around near the past. It does not matter then whether the past was beautiful or sad, or whether we even had something there. It is a mad affinity, which just keeps you … Continue reading 2046

L’eclisse (Last of the Alienation Trilogy)

I finally finished watching yesterday Antonioni's trilogy on Alienation, which I had begun a few months ago with La Notte, by watching the culmination L'eclisse. I liked this last movie quite a lot, though a little less than the powerful La Notte, but more than the first part of the trilogy: L'avventura.The movie tells the … Continue reading L’eclisse (Last of the Alienation Trilogy)