I Vitelloni – Federico Fellini

I Vitelloni, like another Fellini movie Amarcord, depicts the life of youth in a provincial Italian town. Like Amarcord, it also takes us through the lives of a few young men in the coastal town of Pescara. These young men, with a characteristic immaturity and irresponsibility, dream of leaving the town and making a big … Continue reading I Vitelloni – Federico Fellini

Hitchcock & Maurier

At one time I was introduced to Hitchcock with Psycho, and I thought - Huh! What's the big deal. After that I have not gone back to this movie to really figure out if there was any 'big deal' with it. However, since then I have watched numerous Hitchcock movies and have liked them - … Continue reading Hitchcock & Maurier

Memories & objective reality

There are many adjectives that can be used to describe different memories -happy, haunting, scary, embarassing, distinct, elusive, sad and sometimes even perplexing. But perhaps one adjective that can be used more universally with memories is 'interesting'. No matter which end of what spectrum does a memory fall, it is seldom dull and uninteresting. That … Continue reading Memories & objective reality

Bergman & Allen

I cannot believe that Woody Allen is a fan of Ingmar Bergman or is influenced by him in any way. Whereas you hardly hear the spoken word in Bergman's movies, talking and words are all that Allen uses in his films. Its like he cannot stop talking.Strange influence this is!