Zen: The Authentic Gate

I recently read Zen: The Authentic Gate by Yamada Koun. A good introduction to Zen, as I have known very little about it except for the emphasis on meditation in this form of buddhism. Through the reading, I learned that zen exclusively focuses on personal experience with the help of a teacher, and does not … Continue reading Zen: The Authentic Gate

Consciousness & Creation

The question of creation is a seductive question. I feel myself pulled to its promise of ultimate knowledge and the inconceivable challenge of the problem. But mostly because it offers such a wide canvas to splash my wild theories on. There are as many creation myths as there are cultures. Seekers have compiled a list … Continue reading Consciousness & Creation

Gospel according to Jesus Christ

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this unusual account of Jesus' life by Jose Saramago - of course a version which the saviors of the religion will never accept or include in their canon. After all it raises severe doubts about the benevolence of their God. A God who has already been suspected of 'severity' several times … Continue reading Gospel according to Jesus Christ


After Roth, reading about the Mycogen sector of the Galactic empire (Ref.: Foundation Series, Issac Asimov), deepened my doubts in 'faith'There is something about faith that puzzles me extremely. Why does faith need to be so dogmatic and binding? One would assume that the thought of a benevolent super-power should set you free. It would … Continue reading Faith

Goodbye, Columbus and the dilemma of faith

After seeing his books on the reading list of some people whose reading tastes I hold in good esteem, I finally picked up my first book from venerable Philip Roth. Incidentally, Goodbye Columbus was also the author's first book and earned him significant respect and a National Award.The book is a collection of a novella … Continue reading Goodbye, Columbus and the dilemma of faith