And so they are ever returning to us, the dead

Sebald's characters live in memories and the past - this is perhaps the least kept secret about his books. Their dead keep returning to them, the possibilities of their own deaths continue to haunt them - until they can bear it no more and often embrace that death which has been following them. In Emigrants, … Continue reading And so they are ever returning to us, the dead

Open City – Teju Cole

That I embarked on this book was hardly serendipitous - ever since it came out, critics have been hailing it as a Sebaldian work, and it has found its way on all magazines, blogs which even remotely address Sebald and his fans. I picked it up, hoping it was not an attempt to follow Sebald's … Continue reading Open City – Teju Cole

Emergence of Memory: conversations with WG Sebald

Sebald's voice is unmistakable in all his works. All his narrators, the reliable and unreliable ones, speak in his voice. The characters narrated by those narrators speak in his voice. To me, these works are as intimate as you could get with him. And yet, somehow these conversations have been able to achieve a slightly … Continue reading Emergence of Memory: conversations with WG Sebald

Between the devil and the deep Blue Sea

Sebald's On Natural History of Destruction is a collection of essays on German literature and its handling of World War II incidents. The four essays in this book are:Air War and Literature, based on lectures given in Zürich in 1997Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: On Alfred AnderschAgainst the Irreversible: On Jean AméryThe … Continue reading Between the devil and the deep Blue Sea

Reading Bernhard – Gargoyles

It is true that perhaps I would have paid little attention to Thomas Bernhard and his writing if Sebald had not been compared to him. By Sebald's own admission, Bernhard's influence on his writing is tremendous - an admission which makes it hard to ignore Bernhard.It was surprisingly hard, then, to find Bernhard's books. Even … Continue reading Reading Bernhard – Gargoyles