Solaris – two different visions

(A poster by Victo Ngai as seen on Chrome Yellow) The Projector theatre in Singapore is currently doing a run of Tarkovsky's movies - and I couldn't resist the chance to watch Solaris a second time. There was a time when I was devouring everything from Tarkovsky - Stalker, Mirrors, Andrei Rublev, his writings on … Continue reading Solaris – two different visions

iphone Blues

This is one of those how to kind of posts that I never write. But considering the amount of trouble I went through in getting my iphone legally unlocked, I have to make a note of this. Also considering how I have never written How-to posts, this will probably read less like one and more … Continue reading iphone Blues


For days, perhaps months, the feeling of inadequacy and incompleteness is mounting inside me. There have been rare moments in my life when I have felt completely satisfied, but this dissatisfaction is becoming a burden too heavy to bear. For the first time, it has begun to flow into moments of minor joys.What is it … Continue reading Angst