Shifting Sands

Traveling through the primal lands of Western Australia where I didn't expect to find much except desolation, I strangely came upon a site which linked directly to the title of this blog. The Shifting Sands themselves - in a pristine white, so soft to the touch. Their charm was enhanced against the backdrop of a … Continue reading Shifting Sands

Placelessness & Traveling

He watches, but what he sees isn't real to him. Too much traveling and placelessness have put him outside everything, so that history happens elsewhere, it has nothing to do with him. He is only passing through. May be horror is felt more easily from home. This is both a redemption and an affliction, he … Continue reading Placelessness & Traveling

The perfect end

This is one of the most heartbreaking, yet perfect endings in cinema. The ruin of a life, abandon and infinite pain. I visited Angkorwat recently, and kept going back to this moment of acute melancholy and perfection in those ruins.

Regal Walk

Spent a wild weekend at the Kanha National Park. This was my first trip to real wilderness, and it was a wonderful experience. Kanha is such a beautiful, varied place. And the tiger - it never looked so majestic in a zoo. (That's the only place I have ever seen it before)


To the Grey of Melbourne, originally uploaded by Shifting sands.One of my Melbourne snaps was selected for the sixth edition of Schmap Melbourne Guides. I took this one at the St Kilda Pier - a very beautiful place. I loved the grey tones of the city, apart from its chilliness.Might go there again next month … Continue reading Photos