Golden Age of mexican Cinema

The Singapore National Museum Cinematheque and Mexican embassy in the country is running a short program on Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. During this period, they are show-casing some moveis from Mexico made during the period 1936 to 1969, which is labeled as the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, when some of the finest movies … Continue reading Golden Age of mexican Cinema

Quick thoughts on bonsai- Alejando Zambra

Alejandro Zamba's Bonsai is a short book. I needed the comfort of brevity after reading Patrick White's Voss, which goes on for considerable pages, and perhaps says less than what Bonsai says in less than a quarter ink. Sometimes you like a book because it manages to haunt you with thoughts that you did not … Continue reading Quick thoughts on bonsai- Alejando Zambra

All our Yesterdays by Natalia Ginzburg

Reading Natalia Ginzburg felt like watching a neo-realist movie by De-Sica. Despite being placed in the backdrop of the war (1939-44), it is still focused on the life of people, and keeps itself slightly distant from political agendas. Instead, you are forced to know individual characters, understand their worldview, even sympathize with their stupidities. All … Continue reading All our Yesterdays by Natalia Ginzburg